Recent Calls
Thu. Mar 24th 2016
At 1331 hours, Station 6 was requested to assist Wakefield Fire with a brush fire on Spring Hill Road. B-65, T-60 and S-60 responded and assisted with extinguishment.All units were back in the house a...
Wed. Mar 9th 2016
At 1452 hours, Station 6 and Station 8 were dispatched to a structure fire at the intersection of Ivor Rd and Berlin-Dory Rd. E-64 arrived on scene to find heavy fire in a detached garage with exposur...
Wed. Mar 9th 2016
At 0840 hours, Station 6 was dispatched to assist Station 8 with a residential structure fire on St. Lukes Rd. E-64 responded and assisted with extinguishment and overhaul efforts. The fire started in...
Mon. Feb 29th 2016
At 1214 hours, Station 6 was dispatched to assist Station 8 with brush fire behind a residential structure on St Lukes Rd. B-65 and T-60 responded assisted with extinguishment and overhaul operations....
Sun. Feb 28th 2016
At 1645 hours, Station 6 was dispatched to assist Station 8 with a brush fire on Unity Rd. B-65 and T-60 assisted with extinguishment while E-67 set up draft at the fill site. All units were back in t...
News Headlines
Wed. Jun 14th 2017
Congratulations to FF Paul Christensen for successfully completing Firefighter I and EVOC. Job well done!
Wed. Nov 18th 2015
Congratulations to FF Gary Henry, FF John Drewry and FF Josh Patton on successfully completing Firefighter I. Job well done!!
Sat. Feb 14th 2015
Congratulations to Lt. Edward Garner, Lt. Brian Grasser and Lt. Brooks Cabell for achieving certification as Fire Officer I. Job well done!!!
Sun. Dec 21st 2014
Santa will be arriving at the Station at 2 pm on Dec. 21, 2014. Everyone is welcomed to come and visit and enjoy some refreshments. Oh yeah, we will be giving rides on the fire truck also!
Tue. Jul 1st 2014
Congratulations to FF Paul Kea, Jr and his wife Kate on the arrival of their daughter Austyn Saddie Kea.
Department History

On June 19, 1950, the following members of the Berlin-Ivor Community met in the Ivor Town Hall to organize a fire Department.

Charter Active Members                                              Charter Honorary Members

Warren Cobb               Robert Pulley                          W. B. Smith

Waverly Owney           John E Bailey                          L. H. Babb 

Lester Pittman              James Clark                           F. T. Joyner

J. H. Jackson               Jack Kitchen                            L. A. Brantley

Henderson Pittman      Gus Downing                          Paul Branch

Fred Ashby                  Julian Felts                              Thomas Pulley

John Hall                     John Faircloth, Jr.                    J. T. Faircloth, Sr.

Walter Saunders         Russell West                            E. M. Babb

Jim Clark                     E. Peyton Kea                         Charlie Ramsey

Roy Cornwell              Gernie Britt                              H. S. Boone

Marvin Pulley              Narvie Britt                              R. J. Kitchen

Shelly Doles               Thomas Beale                         H. S. Saunders

John Jones                 Shelton Babb                          Winston Camp

E. W. Pittman              Robert Rawls                         Henley Johnson

E. V. Stephenson, Jr.   J. B. Holcomb                       Bill Johnson

Leroy Bracey               G. C. Powell Jr.                     Tommie Hancock

Robert Kitchen            Paige Pulley

Aurbery Raiford          Watkin Johnson

This group of charter members elected the following officers to serve the fire department.

President – E. W. Pittman,       Secretary--E. V. Stephenson, Jr

1st VP --Russell West               Treasurer—H. S. Boone

2nd VP-- Julian Felts

John Faircloth, Jr., Leroy Bracey, Marvin Pulley, Charlie Ramsey, and L. H. Babb were appointed to serve as the Finance Committee. Motion was moved and seconded that officers of the fire department bring a slate of names to the next meeting naming  a Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief for the groups consideration. Motion made and seconded that President call the next meeting. At this point our first meeting of an organized Fire Department was adjourned. (These were the actual minutes of the first meeting)

On August 17, 1950, Fred Ashby was chosen Fire Chief and J. E. Clarke, Sr. was chosen Assistant Fire Chief. The task of raising funds, finding a building, obtaining needed equipment and developing By-laws was underway. It was moved and seconded that the official name of the newly formed fire department would be the IVOR VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT.


In 1951, the department purchased their first engine from Oren Roanoke Corp. in Roanoke, VA. This engine was a 1951 Ford with a 500 gallon tank and a 250 gpm pump and was housed in a garage behind the old Kitchen Service Station on Main Street until a building could be built.


The department moved in their first building on Railroad Ave in 1952. The two bays on the right were the original building. In 1958, members added two more bays, a kitchen and a large meeting room.

Our present station was built in 1987.  The department officially moved in on our meeting night, December 9, 1987

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